Celebrate always, in all ways

Planning an event is serious business, and I want you to enjoy the journey and keep in mind the bigger picture and outcome rather than stressing out over all of the little details. I tend to work with people that are certified Georges Girl Fly: they are stylish, intelligent, have a sense of humor, and love having a great time. Simply put, my motto in life is to "celebrate always, in all ways."  I'd be honored if I could make your celebration more richer and meaningful  the Georges Girl way. 

I believe that life is really, at it's core, one big party with lots of celebrations along the way. Whether it is a simple dinner party amongst friends and family or a once in a lifetime dream wedding, I want to be there to help make the planning and execution of that event as fun as the party itself. My mission is to help clients have an amazing party, and by doing so make the world around us a more happier and joyful place.

it's A Way of life

celebrate life always, in all ways

the georges girl events philosophy

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