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What happens if I need to reschedule the wedding? 
If the wedding needs to be rescheduled, an email must be sent to Georges Girl Events immediately notifying the change in plans. From there, a discussion will be made between GGE and the client to go about moving the date. Additional fees may incur.  

My guest count is an estimate, is there a fee if the number of guests increases? 
Depending on how many more guests are needed, yes, there may be an additional fee added to cover the costs of extra staff for the day of. If there are any increases to the guest count, please let Georges Girl Events know immediately.  

Is it possible to schedule a meeting or phone call with you on a Saturday or Sunday? 
The weekends are often reserved for events; however, we do understand that most of our clients might only be available on the weekends or off-hours. Georges Girl Events will do everything we can to accommodate you. Just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll work on getting you on our calendar.  

What is the best way to reach you? 
Email is the best way to reach us. If it is a truly urgent matter, then feel free to call or send a text. Generally, emails are responded to within 24 - 48 hours.  

I would like to hire you for another event, how do I do that? 
We often get hired for multiple events by our current clients. If you are interested in booking us for another event, simply let us know and we’ll start the process of doing a consult to give you a quote. We love working with our GGE couples and would love to be a part of the many celebrations that you may have during your engagement journey and beyond. 


We do not take guest temperatures or manage temperature taking stations. 

We do not ask guests about symptoms, exposure, or testing before, during, or after the event 

We do not manage the guest count or rotation of guests in and out of the event space or the event itself

We abide by all current local laws and mandates and will not break any laws regarding COVID or other restrictions in place on the day of the event

 Our staff will wear masks for the duration of the event and may wear other personal protective gear as deemed necessary by Georges Girl Events on the day of the event 

We do not enforce social distancing between guests and strongly suggest hiring a service to assist with this at the event

We do not clean or sanitize any part of the event space before, during, or after the event. 

We are happy to provide recommendations for on-site cleaning services to provide this service To mitigate COVID exposure to our staff.

We do not transport client or guest personal property to or from the event. This includes but is not limited to decorations, gifts, favors, and food.

If the safety of George Girl Events staff could be compromised before or during your event, George Girl Events can terminate our contract and immediately discontinue planning and/or event management services. While this is unlikely to occur, details regarding discontinuation of services and payments are outlined in our event planning contract.

 If the event is rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled, Georges Girl Events will charge for additional time to perform services necessary to reschedule, adjust, postpone, or cancel an event. Details regarding the additional fees are outlined in our event planning contract and are finalized on a case by case basis.