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We are four sisters who enjoy a good party for any occasion. Throughout our childhood we’ve attended weddings, birthday parties, galas, and proms and somehow found ourselves helping the hosts while also enjoying the festivities. We fell in love with the process and set out to offer event planning services the Georges Girl way. Today we offer a range of services from wedding coordination to working closely with clients throughout the whole planning process in our full service packages. We serve creative and culturally minded individuals and organizations who, like us, enjoy a good time.

who are the georges girls?

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As the oldest of four girls, I feel like I have been planning parties forever. My first real experience as an event planner was putting together a wedding for a close friend of my mom’s when I was 15 years old. The task of helping to find a venue, a photographer, DJ, even the menu and the cake tasting was a whirlwind of tasks that I enjoyed every step of the way. When the wedding day passed, I was left with wanting more and since then have had a hand in putting together many events for my friends and family from birthday parties, to bridal showers, and many weddings. After many years of working on my own, I have decided to follow my heart and started Georges Girl Events as a way to fulfill my lifelong dream and passion of helping as many people as possible put together events that are fun, creative, and memorable. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and what better way to do than with a party?

Together with my sisters, we look forward to being your premier team of celebration enthusiasts that helps take out the stress and worry of event planning and allow you to enjoy the process and the party, too.

My name is Linda Georges and when I am not planning events, I am either cooking with my forever heart, Pierre-Michel, or counting down to my next beach vacation. My life is one big fete with my large Caribbean family, my sisters, friends, and my son, Christian.

Meet linda

Rachel “Rae” Georges is the third Georges sister and she is usually the one who focuses on keeping us all organized. She is a crafter and creative daydreamer with aspirations to be an “event curator”. Rae takes an interdisciplinary approach to event planning by utilizing her background in arts administration, curating, and crafts. She is all about thinking outside of the box to create special and unique experiences for our clients. When a client is struggling with visualizing their dream event, she is there to help them make that dream a reality, all while making sure they can relax and have fun. Rae’s eye towards curating sets her apart as an event coordinator. She understands how to transform any space, object, or idea into a beautiful reality. Together with Rae we bring a professionalism to the event planning process without letting our clients stress out about the details. In her spare time, you can find Rae working on an elaborate crafting project, visiting museums, or plotting how to acquire and run her own sheep farm.

Meet Rachel

Vanessa may be the youngest of the Georges sisters, but she keeps us on point with communications and social media. She is a natural trendsetter; engaging with our network of vendors, clients, and more on our various social media platforms. Her background as a talented singer and actress brings a unique perspective to the performance elements of our events. In her free time, Vanessa attends concerts, writes music and literature, sings with her band, and serves as our personal fashion adviser. She brings the fun to our team and reminds us that life is full of opportunities to celebrate and have fun.

Meet vanessa

Sabrina is the second of the four Georges sisters and she helps bring our ideas to life. She is refreshingly honest, very creative, and true to herself. She has experience in booking vendors, creating dessert tables, floral arrangements, invitations, and planning from start to finish. Her background in art, fashion, baking, and crafts are just a few of the tools in her arsenal to make your dream event come true. Coming up with unique sweets and creating dessert displays is what she’s known for. When she’s not baking or taking long walks on the beach you can find her belting out tunes at a karaoke bar. Dressing up for contests or cosplaying has become her secret passion, which she does not only for fun but mainly to see the joy on everyone’s face when they see their favorite character come to life. You can almost say that Sabrina is the “Jacqueline of All Trades.” Sabrina connects all the details to create a cohesive concept. These unique qualities in Sabrina is what sets her apart from other event planners. She goes above and beyond to make our clients’ dreams come true. To her, showing a client the big reveal and making that possible is worth more than gold.

Meet Sabrina